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Knox County Health Department

Dental office Fremont St.

Midas Muffler Co.

Dahl Real Estate is proud of our record of bringing new development and businesses to Galesburg, Illinois.

Dahl Real Estate Co. has completed real estate transactions bringing new development and jobs to the Galesburg area such as the N. Seminary St. Development by Horne Properties, Wal-Mart, Menards Home Improvement Store, also Showcase Theatre, Low's Home Improvement, Staples, Auto-Zone, O'Reilly Auto, Burger King, Casey's, Taco John, Holiday Inn Express, Y.M.C.A. Soccer Field, Spudo Donut, Midas Muffler, Knox County Health Department, Fremont St, Fire Station, Knox County Cancer Center,  V.A. Clinic, Mississippi Valley Credit Union, Fremont St. Dental Office, Big E's Car Repair. and many others.

Galesburg Condo for sale

New Construction selling and closing on
all 24 Condo Units on Pine Tree Lane.


200 Harrison, East Galesburg

Fremont Fire Station

V. A. Clinic, Sandburg Dr.

Big E's Car Repair, E. Main and Chambers St.

Lowes Home Center

Taco John

N. Henderson St.


M.V.C.U. Credit Union

Staples Office Supply

Auto Zone Auto Supply

Fremont & Henderson

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